Swimming Pools

There is a few swimming places you could go to in Tamworth

The first one I am going to be talking about is placed in Tamworth Snowdome

PB9748-3540TH It really is a grate place where you can go for a nice swimming session with friends and family. There is a big swimming pool with a deep and shallow ends. If you have children and you would rather keep them safer and not let them into the big pool there is also a smaller pool for children which is pretty shallow so the risk of anything happening is decreased.

There is a slide which makes the swimming a lot more fun, im not too sure how old you have to be to got on to it but surely you have to be over certain age, or if you would like you child to go you can go with him/her having theme in between your legs i totally fine. On some days there is a massive air racing track placed on the big swimming pool where you can challenge you friends. If you would like to just watch someone while they are swimming and having fun, on the left hand side there is a balcony sort of place with seats so you can watch what is happening around your child/children without having to get dressed in swimming kit and reveal your body. I really recommend snowdome for little family trips.


Wyndley Leisure Centre

Wyndley Leisure Centre is the 2nd swimming pool which is close to Tamworth where you could go for a day out with family or friends. Placed in Sutton Coldfield.

wingley swimming pool

They offer a big swimming pool main heated swimming pool which is divided into 25m deep area for swimming lanes and diving area. There are 3 different diving platforms, 1m , 3m and 5m which are only available at certain times only. There is also shallow end counting 22m deep. Separately there is also shallow pool for people who are learning how to swim, to ensure they are as safe as possible.

There are fun activities, educational toys and lots of available swimming equipment you can play with. Would be suggest anyone who is planning a day out at this place to ring up and find out whether they are open at the time you are planning to visit and to confirm that they prices you are looking to pay are correct , there would be nothing more disappointing than when you see your kids in the back of the car which have been let down by their parents.


Kingstanding Leisure Centre

Another Swimming Pool available near the Tamworth area is placed in Birmingham

kingstanding pool  This leisure centre provides fun for all members of the family, from children to teens and adults, There is a waves making machine which is a great attraction for kids of all ages.

There is also something for people for cant swim but would like to learn how to. There is a programme of lessons guiding you through all the basics of swimming you need. For more advanced swimmers there is a stroke programme. There are also ladies only lessons if any of you ladies dont want men staring at your attributes ;). Centre also contains a cafe on the site where you will be served cold, hot drinks, snacks and meals after a tiring swimming session.


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