SkateParks and Extreme Sports Places

On this page I will be showing you places in and around Tamworth area which let you go wild and have some extreme experiences.

Planters Sky Trail Adventure


At the moment Sky trail adventure is only in it’s kind in a garden centre in the whole of UK. It’s been placed at the Planters garden which has been awarded. Planters is based just outside of Tamworth on the border of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. The place also has different attractions placed on it’s property, like a Restaurant or a groovy pets department and aquatics centre which is full of different kinds of tropical fish and creatures. The best way to see it all is from above by conquering the course based in the outdoor area. It’s 40 full minutes of fun including being kitted out with a full body harness, making the first step onto the stairs and heading out into the unknown on your unique adventure.

The Sky Trail teams is always in reach of hands to help you in case something goes wrong or you just simply need some help with mastering the art of floating in mid air. Children under 5 years old can not be taking part in the Sky Trail course as it might be too extreme and dangerous for them taking their age into count, but there is a replacement so that they can also have some fun while on a day out with the family. There is specially prepared Adventure Playground which is right next to the cabin.



Ape Cannock
Go-Ape-Tree-Top-MedGo Ape Cannock is a next attraction which really suits just a simple day out with your family or friends : )

It’s been said that Go Ape Cannock is the number one tree top adventure park in the whole of UK. It would be very likely that if you go for a day out there it will be a day you will not forget for a long time.

Beautiful scenery and soo much fun there. I think any who goes there will find their ape spirit just waiting to be unleashed. One of better places you can go with children for a grate day outdoors. There are some restrictions which need to be followed to keep it as save as possible. You will need to be at least 10 years old, need to be at least 140 cm tall (4ft7″) and can not weight more than 130 kg (20,5 stones) other than that i think anyone can go on the grate adventure which Go Ape Cannock will provide you with. There is no point putting dress and high hills on, there are no use at this place so make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothes which let you have the maximum reach and wont make feel discomforted.

The prices are:

*10 – 17 years old = £24 per ticket*

*18+ years old = £30 per ticket *



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