There is loads of Food Places where you could go and get a Meal around Tamworth (mostly town centre) but there is also fish and chips bars all over Tamworth


Frankie & Benny’s
frankieFrankie & Benny’s is a nice little restaurant just opposite Lidl in Tamworth, also right next to the cinema Odeon. So if you are going to the cinema with you girlfriend or family or anyone else, you will also have a chance to eat a dinner after a film. It’s not the cheapest but you get a lot better quality of your food and the staff.

Location: Bolebridge Park, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79

nando'sThe so love by everyone Nando’s also has it’s restaurant. Placed in the Vertura Park right next to Costa and Pizza Express. I have not visited the Tamworth Nando’s but I’m guessing it’s as good as anywhere else :). It’s quite easy to get to to be honest, there’s buses and stuff that go to Ventura park. This is a sort of place you could take a girl to. ( Like I recommended not to take a girl to a pub ). If you are looking for a family dinner or any of this sort of stuff Nando’s is the place you want to be going for.



20140808_145356-452x180PizzaExpress, a pizza place right next to Nando’s and Costa. I have not tried them so far but I have heard mixed opinions. Some people say it’s good and some say they were not satisfied with the the time orders took to be made but also some people complained about the staff. I’ll keep my own opinion until I actually go and try it myself , but hey .. anyone can have a worst day. Tamworth is full of places such as McDonald’s or KFC or Pizza Places like this and they wonder why kids are obese… In my opinion the town should invest more in some recreational  facilities other than more fast foods.


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