Fast Foods and Fish&Chips Bars

There are plenty of fish and chips bars in Tamworth so if you are looking for some fish and chips you will surely find some.

Steve’s Fish and Chips Bar
steve chippySteve’s fish and chips is places pretty much in the town centre, opposite the Kuda Bar and round the corner from the BP Petrol station. In my opinion they serve good food. I have always been satisfied with amount of food I paid for. There has been a point when just before they were closing they would give you a lot of free food which I give them a massive plus for as they would rather give it to people other than waste it and put it in a bin.

Their prices are low  and they can’t really get any lower anywhere else so if you are on a budget and want some lunch that’s the place you want to be going to.

There isn’t much more I could say about Steve’s Fish and Chips shop



fish-amp-chip-shop-in-tamworth-staffordshire Mr.Chips is a fish and chips bar just in the town center opposite the main bus stops, a few steps away from The Victoria Mews Flats. Not much we can talk about chips shops, all they sell is chips,sausages and pukka pies 😛 , but yeah I have been to this place a lot of times and they also have some good offers on. Generally the people who work in there are really nice.


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