Bakery’s and Cafe’s

There is a few bakerys and sandwich palces in Tamworth. So I will now tell you about a few that I know my self.


Pound bakery 
Pound-BakeryThis is pound bakery which is placed right in the middle of town center. As you can work out from the name, everything think in there is a pound. They also have offers like 2 for 1 pound and taking into count that their bread and other stuff is delicious it is a great place to get some cheap and tasty lunch. I have been there a few times and I always enjoyed their food.






Lidl Bakery
3327804_0e796c72Here is the Lidl, it’s a super market with it’s own bakery. Which is a great idea, you get fresh bread and buns , donuts and other things everyday pretty much all day really , they take them away at the end of the day and next day morning you have more fresh and delicious bread.


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